Thursday, June 21, 2012

Electrifying eyemakeup contest~ entries for Beauty Diaries

Hey everyone

I wanted to share with you all two of my eyemakeup looks that I created specially for the Electrifying Eyes contest by Kimi Shrivastava of Beauty Diaries.To know more click HERE

I named the golden and purple eyemakeup as "Glimmering Iris Monique"

And named the silver-pink-turquoise eyemakeup as "The Trio Delight"

To know more about the makeup click HERE & HERE

Feel free to share your views below & dont forget to wish me luck ;-)

with love,



  1. loved them Bidisha..!! esp the Glimmering Iris Monique one..

    Hope u win.. :)

  2. Whoa! So fab! :* Allll the very best to you babe :)
    PS: Why you no join my giveaway still? Join asap :D
    Namita <3

  3. hi dear :) I want to invitate you and your follower at the giveaway on my blog :) this is the link :D