Friday, April 13, 2012

Lakme foundations : A Comparative Review

Hey everyone
So today I am going to do a comparative review on Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation & Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation

Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation

So currently this is my favourite foundation
>It is priced at Rs.185
>It's net quantity is 25ml
>It contains SPF 8 in it
>It's shelf life is for 24months from the date of manufacture
>It gives medium to full coverage and is buildable as well as blendable
>It's texture is on the runny side because it is a water based foundation
>It has a light scented smell which is not at all annoying
>It comes in 4 shades(I guess) which are specially meant for Indian skin tones
>It lasts for 3 to 4 hours easily
>It has a spatula kind of applicator with which you can dab the product on to your face before blending
>The product can be seen from outside as the container is made of a transparent matte finished glass
>It is very light in texture and doesn't make the face look cakey
>The cap can get messy at times. Moreover excess product may come out if applied with the spatula

Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation

This foundation is my first foundation ^_^ I am using this since ages
>It is priced at Rs.99 , hence veryyy much pocket friendly (which is the best-est part of it)
>It's net quantity is 27ml
>It comes in 4 shades which more or less go with Indian complexions.But if you are much towards the darker side, you may not be satisfied with the shades =(
>It doesn't have any SPF content
>It gives a soft glowing feather light finish
>The texture is not runny as the Invisible finish foundation. But it is on the thicker side a bit
>It doesnt come with any applicator
>It has a very faint and "not so bothering" kinda smell
>It is oil free and water resistant.
>It also lasts for 3 to 4 hours easily
>You need to shake the bottle so that the product comes out, since it doesn't have any spatula
>Also contains Vitamin E in it
>Though it gives medium to full coverage but it isn't that much blendable.Moreover it dries very quickly.

My Overall Verdict :

>From a makeupaddict point of view, I will choose the 1st one,i.e, Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation because of it's texture which is very nicely blendable.And also it helps in concealing my flaws to some extent so I don't need a concealer seperately !
>But, from budget-makeup point of view, I will go with the 2nd one, i.e, Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation because you get 27ml product at almost half the price.Hence if you spend Rs 200 (instead of spending Rs.185 on a single invisible finish foundation), you get 2 perfecting liquid foundations.Moreover it sufficiently fulfills the need as it gives decent coverage too.

So it's you to decide which 1 to choose ;)
I hope you all liked the review.Though I didn't draw out any perfect conclusion to this review.So I hope your opinions will help me out to judge which 1 is preferable~~~ QUANTITY OR QUALITY ? :)

with love,


  1. thnks for the review !! i remember my sister using tht perfectin foundation long tym back...

    1. hehe...its being sold in indian market for quite a long tym i believe

  2. Lovely review :) I am gonna try the invisible one.. the darkest shade ll suit me :P

  3. I will go for the first one only! Sounds awesome! The second can be bought to apply on neck and all :p what say sweety?

    1. Still it will melt out...kolkata is so humid na, taps?:(

    2. Ya very true, its humid, but I have left kolkata, now at Ranchi, and here I just go to lab, nowhere to go, so I wont have melting issues!

  4. my mom had the first one ages ago ! :D
    I loved the way it smell *weird* neways the first one definitely looks much better :)

  5. I use the perfecting liquid foundation everyday :) I have found this one the best as per my preference :)

  6. Even I like both because the shell suits me great. But for me 02 is sometimes a bit light on me ( depending on the season) and 04 is too dark, anytime. So I mix them. But the shell of the perfect foundation is indeed a perfect match for me. So, I think I would reach out for that bottle next time.
    Btw, what is your shade if you don; mind? I keep asking this to everybody because if I find somebody has the same shade as mine and finds a good foundation or concealer, the purchase becomes much easier. less chance of being duped by the SAs

    1. hey dear...i use shade 02 but its a bit light on my skin
      n perfecting one i use the one for wheatish skin tone

  7. gr8 post bidisha...the first one looks more pleasing!!!u have a nice blog
    Lakme foundations : A Comparative Review

  8. Thanks a lot Bidisha for sharing your views with us............and also compared the both product.........
    So now a days lifestyle of people is changing and with the lifestyle the products are also changing............ Bidisha, the main problem is that i cant use any fairness creme, only i can use moisturiser, and for that even iam not able to use foundation , after using foundation my skin seems to be very can u help me out of this problem.......