Thursday, November 24, 2011

Review : NIVEA lipbalm in soft rose

hello ladies
today i'm going to do a review of nivea lipbalm in soft rose
last month i had been to singapore, bangkok and pattaya
and being a shopaholic, i did lots of shopping (which is quite inevitable) :P
coming to the main point; i got this nivea lipbalm in singapore at the famous mustafa shopping center, which is basically the hotspot for all the indians out there
and believe it or not it remains open for 24hours
and yes, i being a shopping freak,even purchased some makeup items at 1.30 am xD
so this nivea soft rose lipbalm is actually like any other lipbalm
but the good thing about it, is it's smell
it smells like a mixture of peach and vanilla (i felt like eating it . rofl)
the baby pink colored cap attracted me towards it..reminded me of Blossom from POWER PUFF GIRLS =D
so here are some of it's pictures which i would like to share>>>>>

here are some of it's features :-
~the packaging is very cute
~it's net quantity is 4.8g
~it's price is something around 4S$
~it hydrates and moisturizes chapped lips very nicely
~it doesnt give any glossy effect
~and also doesnt add any color to the lips.

Time for some pros and cons :-
~It's packaging is sturdy and is handy enough to carry.It can fit inside a pocket !
~It is affordable too.As a result of which nivea lipbalms have become very popular
~The net quantity is sufficient enough
~It really hydrates the chapped lips for a longer time .Its staying power is quite similar to the lotus herbal lip balms
~The lipbalm smells heavenly (which is the main reason i purchased it..)

~It doesnt make the lips look glossy/ tinted like the nivea pomegranate or guava flavoured lipbalms
~Availability can also be an issue for this particular flavoured lipbalm.

Personally i liked this lipbalm but the only thing that i didn't like is that it didnt even add little bit of color to my lips

So i will give it 4 out of 5

That's it,
i hope you all liked the review.

with love,


  1. Its hydrating??? its good na??? i had used another one , the new variant, tht red lips tv mein dikhata hai na, i bought it,it was sooo bad! :(

  2. yes manya its good
    not the red one...
    its a bit similar to lotus herbals vanilla lipbalm

  3. Gr8 review Bidisha...sounds weird but I am yet to try any of the Nivea lipbalms..will do when I finish up my lotus one :)

    Nice blog u have here...following u...follow me too if u like

  4. nice review... i m a fan of nivea lip balm

  5. m tooo a fan of nivea lipbalms...
    nice review!!!

  6. hey :) just subbed in to your blog,,

    i love nivea lip products too,, :)
    nice blog honey :)

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