Saturday, May 12, 2012

CLEAN & CLEAR skin balancing moisturizer : REVIEW

Hey everyone

Today I'm going to do a review on Clean&Clear skin balancing moisturizer by Johnson&Johnson Ltd, which was requested by one of the reader of my blog ~ Priya :)

To begin with, this is my favourite moisturizer till date because it is neither too oily nor too dry for my skin.

You must have noticed that during summers, after you wash your face with a facewash, your face feels a bit dry

In that case, this moisturizer is the best solution !

Yes, it not only moisturizes the skin, it also gives a mattifying effect and seals the moisture of the skin.

It is a perfect base,i.e, if you have dry or combination skin, apply this before you apply a foundation. You will notice that your foundation will glide on like a dream.Moreover,since it is an oil free lotion, oily skinned people can use this for all the seasons :)

But yes, it may not sufficiently hydrate dry skin during winters

And to add to that, it claims to prevent blemishes, but till now I didn't notice any changes on my skin.But yes, it never broke me out (which is the best thing about it)

But I am seriously quite impressed with the packaging. 

It has got a sturdy packaging with a tight cap.So even when the container is tilted, the product won't leak at all. The hole from where the product comes out is also comparatively small, hence there won't be product wastage.

The lotion is opaque white in color but doesn't give any whitish cast after applying it all over face.

The consistency is also perfect.Its neither too runny nor too thick and instantly blends and absorbs well into the skin, hence You will not get any sticky tacky feeling.

The smell is very mild and doesn't bother much 

These are priced at Rs 80 for net quantity 100ml.Shelf life~ 3years.

I got mine from healthkart. But these are available everywhere , even in the chemist shops :)

Take a close look at the ingredients ~~



So overall it's a good product that helps in hydrating skin instantly.You may carry this in your bag, incase when you feel that your skin feels a bit dry, it can bring back the moisture to those dry areas

But yes, it will not sufficiently fulfill your needs during winters.And also the biggest CON is it doesn't contain SPF =(

So, you all can decide well, whether this product is worth spending or not.I hope you all liked the review.
Do share your views by commenting below

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  2. I really love this lotion a lot!Its great for summers.

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