Tuesday, April 30, 2013

MIX & MATCH : a guide to pair up cosmetics with clothes

Hello everyone
As promised ,I am back with another post for you all
IMO this post will be quite useful for you all; especially for those ladies who don't prefer too much of makeup and at the same time, dislike going out of home bareface
This whole post was basically requested by  Ms. Preety Agarwal (HOD in my office)
She actually gave me pictures of her salwar suits(as picture given below) and asked for my opinion regarding how to pair up eyeshadow lipstick and nailpolish with the respective salwar suits.
Me being a beauty blogger felt so good and excited in writing this post, because I know this will not only help her but also help my readers as well.
She didn't want the makeup  to be OTT but simple and wearable yet suitable for parties

Salwar suits
 So here comes my suggestions and advice
Firstly do not ever forget to cleanse, tone and moisturize your face.If you dont follow this procedure, your base makeup wont be strong and soon your face will have uneven patches of your foundation.

CTM.i.e cleansing toning moisturizing is highly recommended before starting any makeup
 Next, apply a good foundation.If you are not much into makeup then it is preferable to apply a sheer coverage foundation and a concealer that gives good coverage.Both can balance out your base makeup provided  if blended properly; Followed by a compact .

Faces sheer radiance foundation with Garnier anti dark circle tinted eye rollon

Then comes the eyemakeup.Since Preetiji is not much into makeup so I would suggest her not to experiment too much with the eyemakeup.Just dab a good amount of eyeshadow on the lids with a sponge applicator and spread it out with the wand of the applicator. Instead of using bold colors, try to go with pastel shades, matte shades, frosty shades (provided if it complements your skin tone).For eg: You can select any earthy brown or golden or auburn or beige or almond shade eyeshadows from the palettes given down below.
But the brand doesn't have to be same.Any color that resembles these earthy shades can be used .
Eyeshadows: Nyx palette in champagne & Caviar, Revlon Custom eyes in"naturally Glamorous", Nyx single eyeshadow in "copper", Maybelline Color Tattoo in "bad to bronze" and lastly an Inexpensive palette

 Then comes Nailpolish.I guess i don't need to give any suggestion regarding it.I just randomly chose these colors (picture below) which can be paired up with the clothes.In this pic the extreme left 2 are chosen for salwar suit no. 1, the middle two are for salwar suit 2 and lastly the extreme right 2 colors are for suit no.3

(L-R) Revlon Scented nailpolish in passion fruit, Lakme Color Crush nailpolish in shade 11, avon simply prety nailpolish in Pink Fantasy & Pale Lavender, Lakme true wear nailcolor is classics shade9 and lastly Avon Nailwear pro nailcolor in Ruby Slipper

And finally my favourite part, Lipsticks.Dab these colors lightly on your lips.if you prefer light lips

(L-R) Chambor lipstick in Rose Fresque, Lotus Herbals lipstick in Pink Blush, MAybelline super stay 14hr lipstick in keep me coral  and Lakme lipstick in shade 131

So this is all about mix n match.
Hope you all liked this post.
Dont forget to comment and share your views about it.

with love

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Eyemakeup : when you can't decide what makeup to do !

Hey lovelies
So weekend is here..yahoo...This is the time when I get to breathe a bit, (rather sleep and snore a bit ,rofl)
But as promised, I will be regular in blogging..Yes I am promising myself and pinching at the same time to make myself  believe that i have finally resumed this task :D
I was confused few days back regarding what eyemakeup to do
Yes, I should not boast about it but I have so many eyeshadow palettes that many times it becomes a tough job for me to select the perfect shade for me..
But trust me, the makeup which I did finally made me less confused.infact I got compliments for this makeup.
Hence if you feel that you cant decide then quickly check out this tutorial (hahaha self promotion at it's best :P :P  )

Step 1:Primed my lips with Garnier roll on concealer
Step 2:Applied a satin silver eyeshadow from my cameleon 12 color eyeshadow palette
Step 3:Applied matte black e/s from Coastal Scents warm palette, on my crease & outer V with crease brush
Step 4:Blended the black e/s with a fluffy crease brush
Step 5:Applied an aqua blue e/s from the cameleon palette layering it on top of the black e/s to add a mysterious effect to my eyes
Step 6:Blended the blue e/s again with a fluffy brush
Step 7:Applied a black liquid liner close to upper lashline
Step 8:Applied waterproof black mascara
Step 9:Finished the Look by applying kohl liner on the waterline

The final look

Products used for the makeup

So that's it
I hope you all liked this look.It will suit every complexion so give it a try.And also share pictures of the makeup =)
till then take care and keep smiling

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Yes I am BACK !!

Hey my lovelies
I am back...wohooo
I feel like I took re-birth :P
So yes, I was kinda extinct for a while from this Beauty Blogging world. Life has been a bit hectic as well as exciting these few months :)
But I always tried to keep a track of "whats in"- "whats out" & for all those updates, credit goes to my fellow blogger friends ..I love you all <3 p="">
Also I am kinda making a schedule for posting interesting articles.To be honest I hate reviews so i focus more on tutorials, current favourites, hauls,DIY etc. 
Hence I have decided I will be posting makeup looks every weekend :)
But for today I would like to share my LOTD (lips of the day) pictures .
I wore Avon simply Pretty Lipstick in coral pink.Here comes some of its pictures ~~~

I hope you all liked this color..It's super pocket friendly.I got it at Rs.100 on offer..So give it a try everyone
It flatters both fair and medium skin tones..But not sure about dark beauties :(

I will catch you all very soon; till then take care
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Friday, July 27, 2012

Lord's Arnica Shampoo ~ A shampoo that saved my hair !

Hey everyone

This is a much requested post.Everyone wants to get the perfect shampoo which can make the hair look 
healthy , natural and should also be less harmful to the hair

The name ARNICA  is very much familiar to us.Yes thats right, it's a homeopathy medicine which you get  in almost every first aid box.

Now this arnica shampoo is basically a homeopathy shampoo which is a miraculous product because it literally suits every kind of hair ( It did suit my mom's oily hair and at the same time my dry hair)

I have a very frizzy hair with an itchy scalp.My hair is even dry so it becomes really unmanagable to keep my hair open.

So few days back i went to the homeopathy doctor for regular check up and there they suggested this shampoo which i can use almost everyday because it is a very good cleanser.

It is a detergent based shampoo.priced at Rs.195 for 500ml and shelf life is ~ 5 years from the date of manufacture. It has a flip cap which is tight enough, hence you dont have to worry about leakage. 

Here are some of it's pictures ~

Whats the company says ~

Arnica Shampoo+conditioner - The only one of it's kind most effective shampoo with genuine and real extracts of arnica root, and china. The age-old faith & experience of herbal extracts, in a well- proven and balanced formula is poured drop-by-drop in Lord's Arnica Shampoo.

It's scientifically PH CONTROLLED FORMULA maintains Nature's beauty balance, cleanses and conditions your hair unbelievably soft, silky shining and glossy.

Direction to use ~
Wet hair, apply shampoo, lather, rinse and repeat the process.

It also contains conditioner in it so seperately you may not need to use conditioner 

Quick tip~
If you have excessive dry hair ike mine, you can also follow it by using your favourite conditioner.(I use my loreal hair conditioner)

The consistency is on the runny side and the shampoo is light green in

Moreover, the smell of it lingers for quite sometime and as it says, it thoroughly cleanses my hair as well as scalp.

But the main drawback that I find is it's availability. You can only get this is homeopathy stores/ chemists who keep homeopathy medicines. 
And also I hate the packaging.It reminds me of those herby shampoo bottles :-P

But other than these , I love it like anything

So if you all are interested in getting this, you can take a note of the following details ~

CUSTOMER CARE # 011-25790220

(I got mine from a homeopathy shop near lake market, kolkata)

So I hope you all liked this review and don't forget to share your views by commenting below 

Take care, stay healthy and happy with a big smile on face =)

with love,


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My first western OOTD

Hey everyone

I am so excited to show you all my first Western OOTD.

Previously I did an OOTD post wearing a saree

In this post, I am basically wearing an LBD which rather looks like a formal LBD to me

The dress was recently gifted by my dad =D which I am in love with. I love these kind of  dresses which have pockets. Plus, it has "collars" which adds smartness :)

The material of the dress is quite comfortable..It is basically a stretchable cotton material.

I teamed it up with a broad red belt having some studded metals in front of it to give it Roadie kinda look :P

I also wore a floral mesh tight stockings with it to add some femininity to the whole look

and lastly wore a basic black peep toe shoes with it..

So here's what it looks like ~~~

dress- purplle (chembur, mumbai)
belt- city center(salt lake,kolkata)
stockings- marks and spencer
beaded bracelet- (sarojini market, delhi)
earrings- random 
shoes- mbk mall, bangkok

I hope you all liked this post. Trust me I took many pictures which came out blurry..

Self shots are damn tough. But practice makes a man perfect. So I am not giving up hope, rofl

with love


Sunday, July 15, 2012

EOTD- Clubbing nights

Hey everyone 

Here's the 2nd look using the inexpensive eyeshadow palette which i named Clubbing Nights

I used
1. a gunmetal shade on the middle part of the lid

2.a purple-ish deep blue on the crease, inner lid and outer lid; basically i surrounded the gunmetal shade with the blue and blended well ofcourse

3. on the brow bone I applied a shimmery white eyeshadow

4.then blended the same blue eyeshadow on the lowerlashline to give the smokey effect

5.lastly, finished the look by lining my upper lashline with black iquid liner, kajal on the waterline and black mascara on the lashes

this is how it looks like ~~~

Hope you all liked the look :)

with love

Bidisha <3

Friday, July 13, 2012


Hey everyone

Today I have got a news for all smokey eyes lovers (practically each & every ladies ) =P

So the biggest thing since Urban Decay NAKED palette is here ,which is the >>>>

So here its is >>

What Urban Decay says about the palette ~

Ten smoldering shadows combine an array of rich jewel-toned shades and essential neutrals. These perfectly combined shades utilize our new Pigment Infusion System for an
endless variety of velvety, smoky looks.

The palette is priced at 49$ (which is a bit more pricey compared to naked palette).But you also get an Urban Decay 24/7 eyepencil in "perverion" and the bestseller Urban Decay Primer Potion.

The names of 10 eyeshadows that are present in the palette are as follows ~


Here's a step by step makeup tutorial using the palette, to get that smokin' hot look>>

So if you like shades starting from neutrals to royal blues and muted greens, then this is the palette for you ladies.Like the naked palette , this isn't limited to only browns, taupes, beige, champagnes etc. SMOKED palette has got lot of variations.

Hence in my opinion its a must have for all makeup lovers .So go grab it ladies

with love,


Thursday, July 12, 2012

EOTD~~ breaking the myth !

No  I did not name the following eyemakeup as breaking the myth!

Have you all not tried inexpensive eyeshadow palette ever? I was a dancer since my school days and these inexpensive eyeshadow palettes did wonders. They gave the perfect pigmentation that could even stand out on stage.

I do love branded things but the collage of attractive colors in the inexpensive palette makes me go crazy =)

I mean, I generally dont put much makeup on daily basis other than compact kajal and a lipbalm.But occassionally there's no harm using these palettes. And every now and then it's not possible for every one to purchase highend brands.

So here is a look that I came up with using one of my INEXPENSIVE palette.

And here's the palette

So if you all liked the makeup, do let me know by commenting below so that I can make more EOTDs for you all. Till then take care ladies !

with love

Bidisha <3

Monday, June 25, 2012

Inexpensive Eyeshadow palettes

Hey everyone

Today I want to share with you all some palettes that I recently purchased

These are all inexpensive palettes. The shopkeeper said that these are generally korean brands.

The eyeshadows are extremely pigmented.I chose the shimmery ones for myself because I actually use these for wedding parties or occassions.They make the eyes look more brighter sparkly and shimmery.

So here is a picture of my palettes >>>

qianyu cosmetics

These are from a brand named Qianyu cosmetics. You can get these in any cosmetic shop.Brands may differ but you can get same kind of palettes too.

These are inexpensive ,which is the best part.The price of the palettes (in clockwise order) are as follows ~~

Top right palette ~ Rs650
Bottom right palette ~Rs850
Bottom left palette ~ Rs510
Top left palette ~ 560

They come with applicators which are comparatively better than many applicators that come with branded eyeshadow duos or quads !

Moreover you can also notice that the cover is transparent in those particular areas where the eyeshadows are placed in the palette. Hence the eyeshadows are visible from outside without even opening the cover !

So overall I am happy with these palettes and planning to make some EOTDs with these palette ;)

Last but not least, I also got this cute nail art stamping stickers.I never tried these, so I am quite excited.They are all tiny mini butterflies in different colors ...Just loving it ! =)

So I hope you all liked this post.Do share your views by commenting below.And also let me know what kind of eyemakeups you wish to see in my upcoming posts ;)

with love


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Rocker Chic Eyes~ eyemakeup : VIDEO TUTORIAL

Hey everyone

I am back with another makeup tutorial.It is basically a black smokey eyemakeup which I named the ROCKER CHIC eyes :)

This video is in collaboration with one of my super talented Youtube friend ,Mandy of the GlamXpress

I just did the eyemakeup because I am having allergies on my lips and I'm under strict medication and just using Vaselline on my lips these days and nothing else.So I couldn't do the full face makeup =(

But Mandy did the full face Gothic makeup which you must check out

So take a look at the final look of my eyemakeup >>

Here's the video tutorial of my eyemakeup >>>

And to get this look, the products that I used are given below>>>

1.the colorworkshop eye primer

2.avon simply pretty back kajal 

3.matte black eyeshadow from the colorworkshop mini eyeshadow palette (On my lids)

4.chocolate brown eyeshadow from the Revlon custom eyes palette(On my crease)

5.nyx single eyeshadow in "highlight"(On my brow bone as highlighter)

6.lakme glide on pencil

7.lime green eyeshadow from qianyu eyeshadow palette (korean brand)

8.colorbar waterproof black liquid eyeliner

9.maybelline colossal waterproof mascara

So I hope you all liked this tutorial.
Don't forget to subscribe to my channel and yes, feel free to share your views by commenting !

with love,

Bidisha <3