Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Yes I am BACK !!

Hey my lovelies
I am back...wohooo
I feel like I took re-birth :P
So yes, I was kinda extinct for a while from this Beauty Blogging world. Life has been a bit hectic as well as exciting these few months :)
But I always tried to keep a track of "whats in"- "whats out" & for all those updates, credit goes to my fellow blogger friends ..I love you all <3 p="">
Also I am kinda making a schedule for posting interesting articles.To be honest I hate reviews so i focus more on tutorials, current favourites, hauls,DIY etc. 
Hence I have decided I will be posting makeup looks every weekend :)
But for today I would like to share my LOTD (lips of the day) pictures .
I wore Avon simply Pretty Lipstick in coral pink.Here comes some of its pictures ~~~

I hope you all liked this color..It's super pocket friendly.I got it at Rs.100 on offer..So give it a try everyone
It flatters both fair and medium skin tones..But not sure about dark beauties :(

I will catch you all very soon; till then take care
<3 p="">