Saturday, January 14, 2012

NIVEA visage aqua sensation invigorating cleansing gel :REVIEW

Hello everyone
Today I'm going to do a review on nivea visage aqua sensation invigorating cleansing gel.
Let me share some of it's pictures first >>

What the company says >>
Aqua sensation invigorating cleansing gel :
- Deeply cleanses and purifies your skin
- Effectively removes dirt and makeup
- leaves your skin feeling fresh and invigorated

Application >>
Apply gently to a wet face, neck and decollete by massaging in small upward circles.
Rinse off with lukewarm water.

My take on the product >>
>First and foremost thing i must mention that this is the perfect facewash for summers !
>Nivea , as you all know is a decent brand and always keeps upto my expectation.
>I got this facewash from Singapore.
>It is priced at 9.80$ for 200 ml ,hence we get quite a lot of product .
>It deeply cleanses the face and gives a fresh and awakened skin indeed.So incase if you are feeling sleepy, then wash your face with this cleansing gel ,rofl. But just the opposite thing happens with me, I infact feel so calm and relaxed that I get drowsy & sleepy after using it =D
>It is suitable for normal & combination skin.Though I have a dry skin in winter but in summers my skin turns into a combination skin, such a wierd skin I have :-/
>It has a nice cap; if you press one side the other side opens.So the product doesnt get wasted.(refer picture #4 above)
>packaging is very good, sturdy,very handy& product doesn't leak out at all.
>The gel is tranparent having many soft pulpy granules (Don't know what are those granules for)
>It contains hydra IQ & cucumber extracts.
>It also has aquaporin skin technology (as mentioned on the cover)
>It gives a cooling sensation.
>The smell is really very refreshing and soothening !!!!!!!!!

Overall its a good product ,the only DRAWBACK is that I'm not sure whether it's available in India or not.
So I will rate it 4 out 5 (minus 1 for availability issues )
To know more about nivea, check out
I hope you liked the review =)

with love'
Bidisha <3


  1. sounds good!! Thanks for the review Bidisha :)

  2. how i wish this ws available here... :(

  3. Hi Bidisha! May I ask where you purchased this item in Singapore?

  4. Hi Bidisha! May I ask where you purchased this item in Singapore?