Tuesday, April 30, 2013

MIX & MATCH : a guide to pair up cosmetics with clothes

Hello everyone
As promised ,I am back with another post for you all
IMO this post will be quite useful for you all; especially for those ladies who don't prefer too much of makeup and at the same time, dislike going out of home bareface
This whole post was basically requested by  Ms. Preety Agarwal (HOD in my office)
She actually gave me pictures of her salwar suits(as picture given below) and asked for my opinion regarding how to pair up eyeshadow lipstick and nailpolish with the respective salwar suits.
Me being a beauty blogger felt so good and excited in writing this post, because I know this will not only help her but also help my readers as well.
She didn't want the makeup  to be OTT but simple and wearable yet suitable for parties

Salwar suits
 So here comes my suggestions and advice
Firstly do not ever forget to cleanse, tone and moisturize your face.If you dont follow this procedure, your base makeup wont be strong and soon your face will have uneven patches of your foundation.

CTM.i.e cleansing toning moisturizing is highly recommended before starting any makeup
 Next, apply a good foundation.If you are not much into makeup then it is preferable to apply a sheer coverage foundation and a concealer that gives good coverage.Both can balance out your base makeup provided  if blended properly; Followed by a compact .

Faces sheer radiance foundation with Garnier anti dark circle tinted eye rollon

Then comes the eyemakeup.Since Preetiji is not much into makeup so I would suggest her not to experiment too much with the eyemakeup.Just dab a good amount of eyeshadow on the lids with a sponge applicator and spread it out with the wand of the applicator. Instead of using bold colors, try to go with pastel shades, matte shades, frosty shades (provided if it complements your skin tone).For eg: You can select any earthy brown or golden or auburn or beige or almond shade eyeshadows from the palettes given down below.
But the brand doesn't have to be same.Any color that resembles these earthy shades can be used .
Eyeshadows: Nyx palette in champagne & Caviar, Revlon Custom eyes in"naturally Glamorous", Nyx single eyeshadow in "copper", Maybelline Color Tattoo in "bad to bronze" and lastly an Inexpensive palette

 Then comes Nailpolish.I guess i don't need to give any suggestion regarding it.I just randomly chose these colors (picture below) which can be paired up with the clothes.In this pic the extreme left 2 are chosen for salwar suit no. 1, the middle two are for salwar suit 2 and lastly the extreme right 2 colors are for suit no.3

(L-R) Revlon Scented nailpolish in passion fruit, Lakme Color Crush nailpolish in shade 11, avon simply prety nailpolish in Pink Fantasy & Pale Lavender, Lakme true wear nailcolor is classics shade9 and lastly Avon Nailwear pro nailcolor in Ruby Slipper

And finally my favourite part, Lipsticks.Dab these colors lightly on your lips.if you prefer light lips

(L-R) Chambor lipstick in Rose Fresque, Lotus Herbals lipstick in Pink Blush, MAybelline super stay 14hr lipstick in keep me coral  and Lakme lipstick in shade 131

So this is all about mix n match.
Hope you all liked this post.
Dont forget to comment and share your views about it.

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  1. It is very useful Bidisha.......and thanks a lot....

  2. thankyou so much preetiji..glad you liked it :)

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  4. So pretty lipsticks...just my kind of shades...

    1. i know dear..they are so wearable na?:)

  5. I love mixing and matching :-)

  6. Thank you for the useful post~ and I love your new background! =)

  7. So pretty lipsticks...just my kind of shades...
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  8. That is a super post… I checked that you are from Kolkata and I was in Kolkata all this while..We could have met..