Thursday, November 24, 2011

online shopping experience at

hello ladies
today i am going to share my online shopping experience at
generally i don't do much of online shopping
but since last few months i have gained my interest in doing "online shopping"
thanks to all the lovely beauty bloggers who have helped me to become more greedy, and ya i am still under process:P
gosh, i am really getting so addicted to makeup and beauty related things !
anyways,coming to the point; my experience at was brilliant!
i purchased 2 hiphop face scrubs(one in coffee flavour and the other in kiwi flavour)
& trust me the scrubs are too good!
they cost just rs.72(for 120g) which is dirt cheap!
since i have dry skin or maybe "driest skin in the whole world" :D ,so i need to use scrubs and cleansing lotions during winter ( i strictly avoid using facewashes or soaps during winter)
so i ordered these 2 scrubs>>>>>>>>

And they delivered these two items just within 4 days and i opted for cash on delivery.
to add to that, there wasn't  any shipping charge too.
the actual price of each scrub is rs.80(for 120g) but i got 10% off on each ..
so the grand total was rs.144! isn't that amazing?!!
moreover they even gave a cute sachet of lotus anti-tan soothing gel absolutely free :D
so here are some pictures>>>>>>>

I will be reviewing these products very soon
Overall i am very happy with their service
& i guess i will be shopping more often from

that's all for now.
I will be back very soon, ladies
till then ,take care !

with love,
Bidisha <3


  1. nice!! how's the smell of the kiwi one?.. i think i ll buy the coffee next time :) btw they dont offer free shipping anymore if your order is below 300 Rs :(

  2. didnt try the kiwi one yet manya
    tried the coffee 1 and its good :)
    i will try the kiwi one tomorrow and will let u know :)

  3. LOVELY !!! coffee wala review han :D

  4. i went hunting for these scrubs in beauty centre here.... didn't get em

  5. these are available in urbantouch only
    but i toh knew these are available in maharashtra too