Saturday, November 19, 2011

My perfect RED lipstick

heya ladies
how are you all?
After reading so many positive reviews of Lotus herbal lipstick in the shade Red Rover, i went to the beautyshop day before yesterday to purchase it .
But I didn't get it anywhere, don't know why..
Seems like it's selling like a hot cake :-/
But I checked out other brands too and finally got a perfect red lipstick for my medium complexion, fhew !
and it is >>>>>>>>>>
hold your breathe :P 

MAYBELLINE colorsensational lipstick in the shade FATAL RED (#530) !!!!!

And here comes some of it's pictures >>>

On the other hand my 2nd best alternative is this avon perfect wear lipstick in the shade forever burgundy (P204)
But it has a bit of brownish undertone so i wanted a vibrant red lipstick which would have a bit of orange or maroonish undertone and not brown undertone.Moreover Avon products are not available in the shops which is the biggest turnoff !
Here's a comparative  photo of the avon lipstick and maybelline lipstick >>

And finally here's a photo of my lips where I have applied the maybelline lipstick >>

Now coming to the pros and cons of Maybelline colorsensational fatal red lipstick ;
 here are some of them mentioned below >>

1. The color is very rich and well pigmented. Just one swipe in enough!
2. It has vanilla kinda smell which i loved like anything
3. The color stays for a reasonable time of 2 - 3 hours
4. Its easily available in the market
5. Decently priced. It costs just Rs.299, hence pocket friendly !
6. The packaging is very sturdy and smart
7. Variety of shades are available

1. This particular shade might not suit everyone.
2. I felt it a bit drying after an hour since my lips are very dry. So its preferable to use a lipbalm before  applying the lipstick

In my opinion it's one of the best and most popular drugstore brand in the market.
And I will give it 4.5 out of 5 !

That's it from my side
Take care everyone

with love,


  1. its indeed a good red shade !! i had never sported red shade before on my lips... the red rover lies silently unused in my vanity :)

  2. but red is so in these days and trying my best to flaunt it ..hehe :)

  3. True red seriously ! Not for me so I may try the gamarous red that anuradha reviewed ! Anyways you were asking abt avon representative i had seen, contact sabrina she is an avon reresentative , her number and mail id is with ankita of corallista or contactanuradha, she had told me a bout an avon rep at kolkata, whose number i lost actually!

  4. o thanks a lot sweet of you you <3 :)

  5. Lovely shade!! Love colorsensational lipsticks <3

  6. i love brick redits my perfect red !
    check out my blog

  7. Bidisha-this is a typical "Bengali-Red" color aint it?? Deklei Lal par saree r sathe matching mone hoi-I think its good for occasions and festivities :) However-I too think one should be cautious before buying it-gr8 review <3

  8. thankyou @rakshanda
    @anuradha---yes exactly! u got it ryt :) typical bangali shade :D