Friday, December 2, 2011

Leibster Blog award

Hello everyone !
Shweta of has passed on the leibster blog award to glistening kaleidoscopic eyes (my blog :P )

Thanks a lotttttt really means a lot to me <3

And now, I pass this award to >>

1.Anks of

2.Tapaswini of

3.Anuradha of

4.Kavya of

5.Mai Shan of

Each of these blogs are fantastic so do check them out

This award is passed on to the blogs that have less than 200 followers and deserve some recognition :)

The rules are simple :

*Mention the blogger who passed the award
*Pass on the awards to 5 deserving blogs
*Spread word about the Liebster Blog Award

with love,
Bidisha :)


  1. Thanks 4 it! This is the third time I am being awarded with it ! :)

  2. I hope i get it next time! i just started blogging! :)