Monday, March 12, 2012

INGLOT lipgloss in shade # 16 : REVIEW & SWATCHES

Hello everyone
So today I am going to do a review on INGLOT lipgloss in shade # 16
It is an unique shade first of all.
It is basically a sheer lipgloss having hints of cranberry pink with golden,bronze and red micro shimmers
These are priced at around 10$-12$(not sure though ,as I got it as a gift from Inglot) ;
It's  Net quantity is- 9ml
Here are some of it's pictures>>>

My take on this product :-

>It is a wonderful shade.You will hardly find these kind of shades in any drugstore brands.
>This particular shade is not meant for pigmented lips.Though it looks beautiful on swatches but after applying it, you may notice that it becomes a transparent gloss,just showing some glitters on the lips
>The texture is non-sticky ! It keeps the lips hydrated and moisturized for a longer time.
>The glitters dont easily set on fine lines, and also you won't get any burning kind of sensation after it's application
>This lipgloss is perfect for on the go makeup.You can carry it in your bag as it is sleek and compact
>The tube is made of fiber and you need to press the tube in order to release the product through the small hole at the tip
>It's easy to apply as the tip part by which you will have to apply the gloss, is shaped in a slanted manner. Hence the gloss glides smoothly on your lips
>Some may feel uncomfortable using it, because it doesnt have any wand/sponge applicator
>Since it comes is a tube packaging, more product can come out sometimes if the tube is pressed with much pressure.So you need to be cautious while applying it.
>The cover is totally transparent so you can easily see the color of the gloss from outside.Even the glitters are distinctly visible from outside
>Though there are lot of glitters in the gloss, but still they are not gritty
>It smells like a bubblegum !!!!!!You cant stop reapplying it now and then =D
>You get huge quantity, i.e, you get 9ml which is quite a lot !
>Shelf life is not mentioned !

My overall verdict :-
Overall , I do like this gloss but I wish it had some color in it. The color looks dark but when applied on lips, it looks altogether different.Moreover , this isn't meant for ladies having pigmented lips.It looks best when applied on top of a lipstick because it adds some shimmers in it.So I will rate it 3.5 out of 5. You can go for this if you want a nude shimmery gloss to match up with your dramatic eye makeups :)

Okay, I would also like to share my NOTD =D
Here I'm wearing Lakme true wear nailpolish in cremes #041
Its a deep navy blue color. If 2 or 3 coats are applied, it looks like a black nailpolish 
So its a 2 in 1 shade because you get both black and blue ;)

That's it I hope you all liked this review. Do share your views by commenting below

With love,
Bidisha <3


  1. the packaging is so interesting :) but I wish it was more pigmented!

  2. Glossy Glossy :D Nice Review Bids..

  3. loved the packaging and the shade... wish it was more pigmented.. nice review Bidisha.. :)

  4. It's not very opaque but looks nice :)

  5. loved the shade <3