Thursday, March 22, 2012

Deeptima's Smokey eye makeup tutorial : GUEST POST

Hello everyone
How are you all?
Today I have a surprise for you all
This is going to be a guest post by the famous Youtube Indian Makeup Guru~~~ DEEPTIMA !!!!!!!!
I can't express in words how much I am excited =D
She is a beautiful girl from New Delhi , who has expressive enigmatic eyes with a flawless skin and a charming smile. She is more like a sister to me than my friend because we have a great bonding and connection with each other <3
She is just fabulous when it comes to makeup.So do check out her Youtube channel and incase if you didn't subscribe yet , then make sure you do that
Here's her channel link >
Also check out her blog >

So this is the final look that she came up with ~~~

Now , here comes the step by step tutorial ~~~

1. Apply a Black base on your lids after priming them;
I used a black liner pencil; you can even use a gel liner. Then use a maroonish plum shadow in the crease

2.Next, I used a dark grey eyeshadow and applied it on the center and outer corner of my lid

3.For the inner 1/3rd part, I used a lighter shade of grey

4.After blending both the greys, I used the lightest grey on the inner corner near my tear duct. (That was completely optional, though)

5.Blend all the shades on your crease upwards to eliminate any harsh lines and add little bit of black on the outer corner

6.To highlight, I used a shade bit darker to my skin tone

Clean all the fallout and apply kohl liner and black mascara.
And you are done !!!!
~For lips I used NYX round lipstick in pumpkin pie and with a light hand I applied Faces blush in Light Bole  

 So this completes the whole look.

I hope you liked it and give it a try =)
Loads of love
xoxo ^_^

P.S- this post was originally sent by Deeptima.Some minor editings and modifications have been done by myself.

with love,


  1. thanks Bidisha for the love <3

  2. Awestruck! awesome...Deeptima you are the best-est.. :-*
    btw which palette u r using? i presume coastal scents/bh..or nething which is not available easily in Bharat na ? :( suggest dupes....

    1. aww... hehehe thank you :) this palette is from ebay... an Indian frnd sent from abroad... i'l let u kn the name of the seller soon :)

  3. You looking awesome deeptima, its superb! Soo good for parties and night outs!

  4. Bidisha..hello ji so sorry for not keeping in touch... a bit tied up at the moment.. :( I am missing out on your a nd deep's videos too much.. need to catch up with you'll soon..

    mwaah Deeps you rocked it..tu toh hamesha hi soni kudi lagadi hain.. ♥


  5. Amazing...Such a talent...LOVE it :)

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  6. You gotta love Deeptima! Great tutorial, I was wondering if someone can tell me what palette Deeptima used to get her plum and gray shadows? Deepti your tutorials are always so easy to recreate and always turn out so gorgeous. Thanks so much again!