Friday, March 9, 2012

INGLOT AMC SHINE eyeshadow # 22 : Review + swatch

Hello everyone
So today I am going to do a quick review on this beautiful eyeshadow from Inglot
It is an AMC shine eyeshadow in the shade # 22
It's price is Rs.650; Refill pan is Rs.300
Here are some of it's pictures >>

My take on the product :-

>As mentioned before in one of my previous post, this eyeshadow is also an AMC shine eyeshadow which contains advanced makeup components 
>It is a beautiful or rather perfect lavender colour which is having micro shimmers in it
>This particular shade has a duotone effect.You may not understand by just seeing these pictures, but when you see it closely you can notice a pinkish undertone which adds a vibrant yet an elegant and soft look
>this shade can be used singly or can be paired up with deeper shades to get the smokey look
>these eyeshadows have a shelf life of 3 years , which is pretty good
>the square refill pans have a net quantity of 2.7g ; so it will last for a very long time
>when the colour fades out a bit, it leaves behind those micro shimmers, which look amazing !
>these eyeshadows dont crease easily.
>you may not need to apply eyeprimer also, because the colours are very well pigmented 
>these lavenders,pinks, blues etc are perfect for the spring season
>the freedom system that Inglot offers, gives us huge benefits.You can purchase a palette seperately and assemble all your inglot eyeshadows to keep them in a compact way.
>but yes, as I said before availability can be an issue.Inglot stores are mostly found in metropolitan cities (in India). So you can check them out online, here >
>For further details, you can check out the official website of Inglot >

My overall verdict :-
I simply loved this shade.I loved it's texture because , even though it has glitters in it still its not gritty and it's application is easy enough because of it's smooth texture.It doesn't even have fall out. To add to that ,the colour itself is very flattering and girly.So I will highly recommend this to everyone who wants to flaunt lively and cheerful colours this spring season. Hence, I will rate it 4.7 out of 5 !

I hope you all liked this review.Do share your views by commenting below

with love,
Bidisha =)


  1. woww. this looks like such a cute mauve/purple shade :) meko bhi chhaiye!

    1. heehee...its cute na bee...i am loving lilacs and lavenders these days :D

  2. I love Inglot eyeshadows...I think I have this one...something similar I have, don't remember the number :D

  3. Very preaty lavender shade, just not my type :p I love more plummy ones ! Will suit you a lot !

    1. ya i have seen you go for deeper ones..but still u cn try out...! :)

  4. i lovvvee purple! nice shade.. :)

  5. This is a perfect combo of purples n pinks.. Wow i want this now! beautiful shade <3

  6. wow... tht looks soo prettyyy.. .its so ur type of shade sis :P