Wednesday, January 11, 2012

REVIEW : REV AYUR lip sliders tinted lipbalm in cherry

hello ladies
I'm back again!
I am going to do a review on REV AYUR LIP SLIDERS TINTED LIPBALM in CHERRY
This is by far one of the most unique lipbalm I have ever used
Its unique packaging attracted me towards it
I got this lipbalm again from

Here are some of it's pictures >>

Method of use:
Apply a small amount on lips gently with the fingertips for an even film.Wear alone for wet shiny look or under lipcolor.Apply as and when required.

Here are some of it's features :
1.The packaging is very attractive which is not like other lipbalms available in the market.
2.The cap can be opened fully or partly, i.e, it depends on how you slide the cap/slider.
3.The cover is transparent in the center so you can see the product properly.
4.It provides a slight tint to the lips.
5.It also gives a glossy & shiny finish.
6.Smells heavenly !It reminds me of a typical dolly smell of Barbie.
7.It's shelf life is 36 months from the month of manufacture.
8.It's net content is 7 gm which is sufficient enough.
9.It decently moisturizes the lips but needs touch ups
10.It's decently priced at Rs.80; and you can get 10% discount at so go grab it!

overall it's a good product but it would have been better if >> It had SPF content in it and also, it's availability can be an issue !
I would rate it 4.2 out of 5 =)
Do check out their other flavours too !
Revayur also has many other products , give them a try too!
Their customer care service phone no. :0712-2768512 or,

So if you dont want to spend much on lipbalms yet want to get a quality product then this will surely fulfill your need !
Thats it , I hope this review was helpful 

with love,


  1. nice review Bidisha, just that I don't like lip balm in a pot because of hygiene issues.... I prefer them in a stick form only ..

  2. ya..but i personally dont have any issues with it as long as fragrance is good lol :D

  3. Don't show me lipbalms. I have become almost and addict :( How well does it moisturize? I might have missed reading the point

  4. I would love to try this out!

  5. ayyy wow !! the packaging is so cute !!! NOO MORE LIPBALMS RIDS ..CONTROLLLL

  6. hahahahaha :D u r so adorable rids :*

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