Thursday, January 12, 2012

REVIEW : KIKO nail lacquer

Hello friends
Today I have a guest post by my beautiful friend / sister from salamanca.
Her name is Laura Grande lopez. Say hi to her >>

Isn't she pretty?
Okay so lets start the review

Hi everyone
Meet my favourite nail lacquer -- KIKO NAIL LACQUER in shade # 312
I bought it at Kiko's this morning and.. It was love at first sight !
I really love hot colours,; I think that they are amazing and you can wear it with any clothes or any makeup .
from Kiko ...I can tell you that its very cheap !
This nail lacquer is about 2$ and they have a very high quality !
It takes very less time to dry, takes less than a minute .
It has a long thick brush which helps in easy application .
If you see it at the sunshine , you can see gold sparkles in it which makes it look more pretty
This nail lacquer glows a lot and gives a very chic-glamour look!
And stays for a long time on my nails, even upto 2 weeks !
here are some of it's pictures >>>>>

Overall verdict :
Its a good product indeed and ofcourse it deserves 5 out of 5 !
It would have been better if it had some shade name instead of just numbers, but still it isn't a con for me :)
To check out more about this brand click onto this link
Hope you liked my post and my first product review !
Will catch you all again, very soon ;)

with love,
Laura <3


  1. @laura..nice review..loved the bright pink shade :)

  2. I loved the pretty funky shade, your friend is indeed pretty

  3. yes..her nails are so nice na??????properly shaped :)