Wednesday, January 11, 2012

REVIEW : INGLOT soft precision eyeliner

Hello ladies
Today I'm going to do a review on INGLOT SOFT PRECISION EYELINER in shade # 38
To begin with , we know that eyemakeup is the most vital part !
But everytime its not possible to take out our makeup kits or eyeshadow palettes to select the suitable shades and apply that with those perfect brushes.
So a quick method to make our eyes look sexier is to apply colored liners or glitter liners !
I was in search for a good aqua blue liner for quite a long time and luckily I got this perfect liner for myself which is by Inglot !
As you all know Inglot offers the finest quality of makeup; they have literally thousands and thousands of shades of eyeshadows lipcolors gel liners and so on
When I went for shopping there for the first time I was literally speechless, spellbound and didn't know where to start from.
Anyways lets get back to the review. Here are some of it's pictures >>

After 2-3 swipes>>

After smudging with fingertips >>

As you can see in the pictures above :
1.The color is very pigmented
2.It is smudgeproof
3.Its net quantity is 1.13gm
4.Stays for a long time ,upto 6 hours atleast
5.Has micro shimmers in it , hence it is perfect for party makeup.
6.It can instantaneously brighten up tired eyes
7.Though it isnt as soft as colorbar I-glide pencils but still it doesn't hurt while applying
8.Being a high end brand, it is reasonably priced at $10 [around 500 rupees]
9.Even after smudging, the color doesnt get wiped off totally.

The only CON is >Inglot products don't have any name but just numbers; so one can get confused sometimes !

But overall I'm super happy with this product and I highly recommend it to everyone who love experimenting with liners of different shades !
I would rate it 4.9 out of 5 =D
Here's a picture of mine ...*I'm such a poser, i know * xD

Thats it
I hope you all liked the review
For further details, do check out their official website

With love,


  1. You are looking cute but I find this to be easily dupable, you find such a shade in Bourjois metallic liner range for lesser price, so I wont go for this! :p

  2. your last pic is real funny and the pencil is so pigmented. Love it. Nice review bidisha.

  3. @manya-hahaha ...but you can try out other shades of this..there are plenty shades :)
    @vertu-- thanks sweety ,yes do check them out <3

  4. one word... GORGEOUS.. you and the shade :)

  5. @sukanya--thanks pretty lady :)
    @suma- i'm honored mam :) :*

  6. hey , that's a cool shade...really like this!

  7. I am a sucker for turquoise n this looks tempting! maybe next inglot sale :)

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