Wednesday, January 11, 2012

REVIEW : VEDIC LINE fig & honey moisturizer

Hello lovelies

Today i am going to do a short review on VEDIC LINE FIG & HONEY MOISTURIZER

Firstly I would like to mention that I'm not sure whether Vedic Line products are available in shops or not

but they are easily available at urbantouch

Urbantouch offers a wide range of cosmetics and beauty products .

I got this product as a surprise gift on my purchase from urbantouch and it is priced at Rs.70 for 50ml

INGREDIENTS : Aqua,LLP,stearic acid,GMS,cetostearyl alcohol,polythylene glycol400,iso propyl myristate,glycerin,propylene glycol,fig extract,triethanolamine,DC245,almond oil,wheatgerm oil,vitamin E,imidazolidinyl urea,DC 200,sodium benzoate,potassium sorbate,disodium EDTA,honey,carbopol2020,color orange II CI 15510



So as you can see in the pictures above :

1.The moisturizer is white in colour

2.It is neither too thick nor too runny

3.Has a beautiful smell which has a hint of mysore sandal

4.Easily gets absorbed into the skin

5.It can be a perfect makeup base before applying foundation

6.It protects the skin and keeps it healthy and also maintains suppleness(as mentioned on the cover)

7.It also has a shelf life of 36 months, good enough !

8.It doesn't leave any white cast on the skin.

9.It comes in a tube form, hence hygienic .

10.The frangrance lingers for a long time..."aaaah" :P

So I am impressed with this product but the only CON of this product is that :

it may not suit people who have very dry skin and also it doesn't have any SPF in it =(

And also these are available online only (i suppose)

But overall its a good product and helps in hydrating the skin instantaneously =)

Hence, I will give it 3.9 out of 5 !

Thats it..I hope you liked the review

Also for further details you can call  Vedic Line's customer care # 91 1126498876

with love,



  1. good it worked on was totally not upto my skin's moisturisation requirements :(i gave it to my bf who hs oily skin,even it didn't work for him ..i guess this will b a nice product in humid summers of kolkata :)

  2. I am having almost 3 tubes of this :p got as free gift from UT

  3. yes..exactly...perfect for summers..
    in winters it helps me in case of emergency..i carry it in my bag :)

  4. Hey, I quite liked this one...I have combination to oily skin and it worked good for me...not great, but good enough..I love how quickly it gets absorbed in the skin..

  5. sounds like a good product-esp for wintertime!!! lemme see if I can get this!!! nice review Bidisha!!!

  6. thankyou anuradha :)
    @agnibanya- yes very true...!i love how it gets absorbed :)

  7. @manya--o my my...3 tubes???heehee..!this is selling like hot cake :D

  8. sounds pretty good! Nice review :)

  9. yeah its a bit less on moisturizing so isn't enough for me in winters but it would be great in summers (may be a little oily also if one goes over-board)!!! but, it smells really wow...I just love it :)

  10. Nice Review :) <3 Honeyy.. yummmmmmmmm

  11. @swati---yes it smells amazing
    @lancy-- thankyou sweety <3