Sunday, May 6, 2012

Skincare update !

Hey everyone

Hope you all are doing fine

I am a bit busy with my studies.Moreover I am not well for last few days :(

My left hand from shoulder till the elbow is causing me problem; dont know why its paining .It's hurting so much that I cant sleep well..I feel like my hand is fastened to something :/

Anyways, that's not a big deal though because my love for makeup, blogging and making videos is much ahead than these petty health issues (Yah I am a freak rofl :D )

In this post I am just going to share what are the skincare products that I am currently using :)

List of the products ~~

Nivea extra whitening cell repair & protect body cream
Clean & clear skin balancing moisturizer (oil free)
Hiphop face scrub in Kiwi (worked for me..yayy)
Ayur deep pore cleansing milk 
Ponds pure white deep cleansing facial foam (It's my favourites facewash now, makes my skin fully clean and oil free; hence perfect for summers)
Neutrogena deep clean facial cleanser face wash
Fab India vitamin-e de-pigmentation cream (helped to remove all dark spots from my face, I will rate it 5 on 5. I am super happy with it )
Nivea lipbalm in Soft rose (reviewed here) ,Olive & lemon and pomegranate
Fab India lip butter in fruity vanilla
The Body Shop born lippy Plum lip balm (reviewed here)

So that's it ! Do let me know whether you want me to post reviews on them by commenting below :)

with love

Bidisha <3


  1. Get well son bidisha, may be you need to go to physiotherapist! I like that clean n clear moisturiser, its gr8 one! I have hip hop scrub in coffee, i liked it very much, will try the kiwi one! The fab india cream didnt do anything for me, was too strong for my skin!

  2. did u see a doc ??? take care... am eyeing tht kiwi face scrub and fabIndia vitamin-e de-pigmentation cream.. :)

  3. i really want the tbs lip balm n the fab inia depigmentation cream...get well soon... you should check your posture n do consult a orthopedic if persists !

    1. u r ryt dear
      maybe i need to check my posture while i sleep esp :(

  4. Get well soon. Great skincare picks :) xx

  5. Thank you for visiting my blog! Lovely blog you got here. =)

  6. Nivea lipbalms, my fav thing. Get well soon :)