Monday, May 7, 2012

DEBORAH MILANO ombretto mono hi-tech eyeshadow #51 :Review + Pictures

Hey everyone

Today I am going to do a review on Deborah Milano ombretto mono hi-tech eyeshadow in shade# 51

It is a super iridescent beautiful silver-lilac shade which can be applied as dry & wet both

The packaging is superb !You can carry this anywhere and everywhere.

To add to that they have also provided a mini eyeshadow sponge applicator which fits the shape and size of the container, i.e, the stick part where we need to hold is also round in shape ! looks very cute indeed !

These eyeshadows are decently priced at Rs.295 and in online shopping sites you get these for Rs.250 !

It doesn't have much fallout, but the pan gets messy sometimes. The micro shimmers that are present in the eyeshadow(though not gritty) falls on the black case/border of the pan.

It has a shelf life of 3 years but no ingredient list is mentioned

One good thing about it is that the cover is transparent , hence you can easily select the colors without even opening the cap, but yes, there is no inbuilt mirror with it !

round sponge tip applicator


Overall it is a perfect eyeshadow for dailywear .Since the color is lilac, it will suit all skin tones.It can be used as a highlighter .

My tip ~ use it as a monolid color without adding any other shades.In this way your eyes will get a silvery lilac sheen and also add loads of mascara which altogether will make your eyes look bigger, because these kind of shades(viz, beige/champagne/peachy gold etc eyeshadows) helps to make the eyes look bigger and better ;)

Ihope you all liked this review.Dont forget to comment below to share your views about the product

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  1. I love lilacs :) this is a perfect shade :) and it looks so fab on ur eyes :)

  2. am so getting this shade... loved your eotd <3 <3

  3. It looks damn good on you !bidisha! But I didnt like these mono shadows pigmentation at all! They are very shimmery too!

    1. yah..they are a bit shimmery but it helped me to make my sleepy eyes look awakened :D