Thursday, November 3, 2011

2mins simple yet glamorous smokey eyes

hello ladies,
i am back again !
today i am going to talk about a simple easy to do yet glamorous smokey eye makeup
you don't need to be an expert to do this
you just need basic eyeshadows to get this glamorous look
this eyemakeup is perfect for parties
even when you are in a hurry and dont want to play with much variety of colors, this is the easiest way to achieve that sexy sultry look ;)
so here comes the tutorial for you all >>

here's the breakdown:-

1.apply a kohl liner on your upperlashline
2.smudge it with a flat synthetic brush (don't cross the crease)
3.that is how it looks like after smudging the kohl liner
4.take a golden eyeshadow (i am using lakme peacock eye quartet)
5.apply it all over the eyelid (don't cross the crease)
6.take a dark bronzy brown eyeshadow
7.apply it on the outer corner and the creaseline
8.that is how it looks like after proper blending
9.apply shimmery white eyeshadow on the browbone; and blend !
10.curl your lashes
11.apply your favourite black mascara
12.line your upperlashline with a black liquid liner
13.finally apply kajal or kohl liner on the waterline..

tadaa, we are done >>>>>>.

you can intensify the eyemakeup using darker shades too, depending on your choice.
thats it..
this was my 2minutes simple yet glamorous smokey eyemakeup tutorial for you all :)
i hope you all enjoyed reading it
do share your favourite eyemakeup looks too

take care...
with love,
mwuaahh :)


  1. wow bidisha ... u really done a fab job!!!!

  2. this looks nice and you make it seem so simple :)

  3. thank you share some of your favourite eyemakeup looks too :)

  4. That's my favorite Lakme quad...nice makeup and simple instructions :)

  5. thankyou...i love ur blog radhika :)

  6. hey bidisha.thts an awesome tute. i hv the peacock quad. gonna try this for sure. :)

  7. u made my life so much simpler darling.....:D

  8. hi bidisha..cute blog..happy to follow u..hope u will follow back..:0

  9. Awesome makeup dear! Totally loved it!

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