Wednesday, October 26, 2011

REVIEW: avon simply pretty color bliss lipstick in AMETHYST

Heya ladies
wats up?
today i'm going to talk about avon simply pretty color bliss lipstick in AMETHYST
here are some pictures of it >

As you can see, the color is so adorable. it is a mauvy pink shade which has some shimmers in it.
this shade came out in the festive collection of avon
this shade will suit any complexion and will perfectly go with heavy eyemakeups !

Here are some of its pros and cons :

1. very much inexpensive;price is rs.125 i guess (don't remember the exact price though)
2. packaging is cute  because the cover is pink; it looks so girly and attractive .
3. it is very handy and light.
4.its net quantity is 4ml which is good enough for the price !
5.texture is creamy

1.not available in stores ; you have to contact avon representative to get their products ,which is a big turn off for me :( doesn't have any smell . i prefer lipsticks with good smell :P

that's it
i hope you all liked my short and sweet review :D

take care
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  1. Its similar to true rose shade! Nice one!

  2. Do check my new blog

  3. Bidisha, more than the lipstick I'm staring at your eyes. They look so beautiful!!

  4. aww thanks a lot @nivedita..
    i wl be making some posts on eyemakeup very soon :)