Wednesday, May 2, 2012

THE GLAM SLAMBOOK: meet Suma/Samyukta of isimplylovemakeup

Hey everyone

Today you all will get to know more about my cute chirpy and stylish friend Suma (Samyukta)

First of all I envy her lipstick collection :D and also all the MAC stuffs she has :P

So girls, if you are jealous as well as curious to know about her makeup collection as well as makeup tips then do check her Blog 

To add to that, she also makes do check out her youtube Channel too

So come lets know more about her

I loved her candid suggestion  regarding how to improve my work.I will work on that for sure :)

Love her for that !"You have earned Extra brownie points ,suma":P

I hope you all liked reading the slambook.Do leave your comments below

With love,


  1. yayyy my 2 fav beauties on one page :)

    1. :D:D since u gave ur post bee...i wanted to post suma's one back to back..its called FFF~ FRIENDS FOREVER FUNDA:P

  2. omg yay yay yay its me :) i feel like a celebrity Bidz hehehehehehhe :) and awwwww for the FFF... thank u so much :) u r the sweetest blogger ever! <3 mmuuaahhhhh :) and Beens, yup we three will surely be FF ;)