Sunday, February 19, 2012

INGLOT perfect concealer : Review+ Swatch

Hello everyone
So today I am going to do a review on INGLOT perfect concealer
It is priced at around $10 to $12; It's net quantity is 4.5g
I got it in shade # 45.
Here are some of it's pictures >

Swatch >


My take on the product

>It is a good value for money product. Being a high end brand, it's still pocket friendly and does the job at its best
>You get wide variety of shades to choose from, in order to match your skin tone
>Availability can be an issue because it is available only in INGLOT stores. Many cities don't have INGLOT stores yet, in India. But you can easily get in the metropolitan cities !
>It comes in a pen form, so you can even carry in your small pen/pencil pouch :P
>Blends very easily !But yes, sometimes it can be a bit drying on your skin .So make sure your face is first moisturized
>The tip part of the concealer is very smooth so it glides on easily
>Product gets wasted while sharpening :(
>It easily hides the blemishes and spots.
>Even it reduces the oiliness on the area where applied and brightens that part instantly. Hence, sometimes it works as a substitute for compact or foundation !
>But, an important point to be noted here is that, it is mentioned "not to use around eye area"

Overall Verdict : I am simply in love with this product and will highly recommend this to everyone .It helps to conceal , brighten and lighten the spots easily and is travel friendly too.So go for it !
I will rate it 4.9 out of 5 !

I hope you all liked this quick review. Do share your views by commenting below !

with love,
Bidisha :)


  1. I want to try the one that comes in tube ! This one looks bit ashy but yes as you say several shades available, i may find one for my tone. :)

  2. yes..many wont understand unless you try it...this is best for summers :)

  3. Thats good, I want one which looks peachy oe bit orangey for my under eyes!

  4. Hey this looks good Bidi :)Nice Review
    I've been using Revlon's Photoready,it's good too :)

    The Sweet Life

  5. I hate pencil style concealers simply because there is too much tugging involved.I have one by color bar same story.Does inglot have a liquid/cream concealer?

    1. yes sonia...they do have wide variety of that too :)

  6. Don’t you think it kinda white. I also got a concealer like this from Body Shop. It is same like pencil. But i find that too like this


    1. @megha-actually it matches my face complexion whc is lighter than my hands..
      I personally dont have any cpmplain against this concealer excepting the fact that it is a bit drying on my skin

  7. nice! it seems to be a promising product.... is it available in india bids?

  8. this really seems to be a grt product :) Inglot is very rare in US also. here too someof the cities dont have it :(
    I guess its polish right?

  9. From swatch it looks drying on skin & I have got got super dry skin so usually prefer liquid concealers

    1. not good for dry skin...u shud first use moisturizer then apply it

  10. does it gives white patchy luk coz on the hand it luks like tht...