Tuesday, February 28, 2012

INGLOT AMC eyeshadow shade#61 : Review + Swatch

Hello everyone
So today i am going to do a review on one of my favourite eyeshadow.
It is INGLOT AMC eyeshadow in shade # 61
It is priced at Rs.650 for 2.4g
Refill pans are also available for Rs.300 each
Here are it's pictures >>

Swatch >

My take on the product :

>The word AMC means Advanced Makeup Components. And I must mention that ,these components are really amazing .The reason is, this eyeshadow has micro-shimmer particles in it and generally we have seen that whenever we apply glittery eyeshadows, they tend to have fall out.But these dont! Even without primer the glitter particles stick to the lids ! Isn't that freakin' amazing? :-O
>The colours are highly pigmented. In the second last picture above,  you can see the colour on my finger tip. By just a single swipe(light handedly) that much amount of eyeshadow came onto my finger.
>This particular colour has blue undertone.I was basically searching for a matte black eyeshadow and surprisingly I found that INGLOT has various kinds of black. Some had golden shimmers, some had bronzy shimmers,some had purple shimmers but I picked up this black eyeshadow which had blue shimmers in it !
It was my love at first sight you can say :P
>The shimmers are non-gritty.They may look coarse at first sight but there is no chunks of glitter in it, hence the eyeshadow can be blended well and is buildable too 
>Though they are a bit pricey but they are worth the single penny, trust me on that !
>The packaging is sturdy.The cover is transparent, so you can easily check out the colours without opening the lid.
>Inglot provides us with the freedom system too.So you can pick up refill pans and a perfect empty palette to keep the colurs of your choice in the palette
>These eyeshadows do not come with eyeshadow brushes or sponge applicators which is a  bit disappointing :(
>The eyeshadows are so well pigmented that you can easily apply them without any primer
>These eyeshadows have a shelf life of 3 years, which is quite impressive !
>The only issue is that Inglot products are only available at Inglot outlets. But to me, it's not a CON at all because it's a high-end brand after all and it should have some speciality to get an edge !
>Inglot has hugeeeeeeeeeee number of colours to choose from. Its like a paradise for makeup lovers.So dont forget to check out their huge range of cosmetics that will amaze you and you will never want to leave the shop :D. To know more about them check out their website > http://inglotcosmetics.com/

Overall Verdict
I will highly recommend this eyeshadow to everyone.I am also going to try out some other colours too and will soon review on them.So, if you love eyemakeup and love doing experiments then surely try out the eyeshadows of Inglot. I will rate it 4.9 out of 5 :)

I hope you all liked the review.Do share your views by commenting below.

with love,
Bidisha <3


  1. me likey...is Inglot having some sale kya/are they over :( I wah thinking of getting some palettes !

  2. its a gorgeous color! pls do an eotd with this one na :)

    1. i have used it in my video tutorial

  3. I have a similar one from Inglot. :D these are awesome na!.Do an EOTD soon. <3

    1. i have used it in a video tutorial jyo :)
      link given in previous comment !

  4. oooh gorgeous! perfect for a smokey eye bids! :)

  5. Very nice and descriptive review Bids..love the colour n pigmentation of the inglot AMC..Yup totally agree with Sam regarding the smokey eye thingy..I So wish they gave names to shades though!!

  6. Pretty color...will be great for a smokey eye!

  7. gorgeous shade :)