Tuesday, February 21, 2012

FAB INDIA fruity vanilla lip butter : Review + swatch

Hello everyone
So today i will be reviewing Fab India lip butter in fruity vanilla flavour
It is priced at Rs.75 for net quantity-10g
These are available only at Fab India outlets and also many indian online stores (viz, urbantouch, healthkart etc)
Here are some of it's pictures >

Swatch >

On my lips> 

My take on the product >

>I just lovvvve this product because of it's texture.Yes, the texture is on the heavier side which is perfect for my dry chapped lips
>It doesn't add any tint onto the lips.It adds a transparent sheen to the lips which seems like a clear gloss.
>The smell of it is soooo yummy !I keep on applying it just for it's smell. It smells like a bit of vanilla and a bit of candy mixed together !
>You get 10g of product for just Rs.75, which is a steal !
>It's shelf life is for 1 year 6 months (i guess).They could have rounded up the time to 2years atleast :(
>But the packaging may not be liked by all.Since it comes in a tub packaging, it can be unhygienic
>It contains all the essential ingredients that moisturizes the lips, viz, Cocoa butter, Lanolyn Anhydrous,Wheatgerm oil, Cetyl alcohol, Castor oil, Emulsifying wax, Microcrystilline wax, Sorbitan olivate, Caprilic capric tryglyceride, Sesame oil, Vegetable squalane, Bees wax, Kokum butter, Olive wax, Tocopheryl acetate, Fruity vanilla essence, Propyl paraben, Butylated hydroxy toleune.
>These are only available at Fab india outlets, so availability can be an issue if Fab India is not in your city !But you can order it online !
>The natural ingredients may cloud or seperate, but that will not effect the quality or efficacy of the product
>It keeps the lips hydrated for 4 hours easily,without any touchup.
>There is no mentioning of any SPF content in the product which is a drawback ofcourse
>In the heat, the product melts ! So try to keep it in cool and dry places as much as possible

Overall Verdict : I have no grudge or complain against this product but only thing I wish it had is the SPF content !I highly recommend you all to try this product, especially for people who are having dry chapped lips like mine .
I will rate it 4.2 out of 5 !

That's it.I hope you all liked this review.Do share your opinions by commenting below.

with love,
Bidisha :)


  1. Hey Bidisha...

    I have this lip balm on my lips as I read your review....and I love this balm... n ya its so yummy..feel like eating it.. :P

    enjoy your lip balm..


  2. Great reviews :) Vanilla... Soo yummm

  3. @dipti--same pinch :D
    @lancy--thankyou girl <3

  4. Looks good,! Good for chapped lips!

  5. How much is Rs.75 is us dollars o___O ?
    And thank you, I'm considering if I should gett this xD