Thursday, January 12, 2012

What to carry in your college/office bag !

Heya ladies
today I'm quickly going to illustrate about  the things that are necessary to carry in your college/office bag!

I would prefer a tote bag which can carry a lot of things in it !

for a college student, big exercise books, a black and a blue pen. Office goers can take their files & important documents too.

A lotion having SPF in it is a must, a facewash and a hand sanitizer.

A concealor, a compact, a small size foundation(OPTIONAL), a mascara & a lip balm having SPF in it.

A black kohl liner, a perfect pink lipgloss or a nude lipgloss for frequent touchups when needed.

A comb or hairbrush ofcourse !

Hairclips, hairpins, small and big clutchers ,and wet wipes to clean face and neck !

A small purse to carry cash and important cards(credit or debit cards) or even pan card, voter id card, colg id card etc.

A deodorant of your choice so that you dont stink & make sure to impress your Boss hahahaha ;)

And finally a sunglass ! You can even take an umbrella .

thats it
I hope this post was helpful
I will be back again with another post till then byeee

with love,


  1. nice atto kichu tor oituku bag e dhore??? the bag ;-) kotha theke kinechs??

  2. wow.. you fit all that in your bag for college! All my college bag had was books and journals :(

  3. hehe...i never carried this much...i wasnt that much beauty conscious whn i was in colg ;)

  4. Replies
    1. wah wah perfect collection.. i just so love these kind of posts :)

  5. loved ur wallet :D whr did u get that from :)

  6. Love the post, Thanks. I like your bag.

  7. hehhe...amazing...Everyhtn's covered :)
    Nice post :D