Saturday, December 17, 2011

DIY: get perfect lips this winter !

hello ladies
i know you all must be enjoying winter season to the fullest
but it is during this time, we need to take care of our skin the most
especially when it comes to dry chapped lips,we tend to experiment and splurge on various lipbalms,lip therapy products etc
So i thought of sharing a quick technique to get that perfect flawless lips to die for
If you want to get this kind of kissable lip>>
 follow the method given below>>>


1.any petroleum jelly (i chose Vaselline)
2.clean toothbrush
3.any nude moisturizing lipstick of your choice (i chose Maybelline's "My mahogany")
4.lipgloss/lip plumping gloss (i chose Vaselline "Rosy glow" lip care)

step 1 : Apply good amount of vaselline(petroleum jelly) on your lips and keep it for 20 to 30 seconds
step 2 : Take a clean toothbrush and scrub your lips slowly softly in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction with the bristles for around 2 minutes in order to remove dead cells and flaky skin. Make sure that you do it gently because your lips are delicate and sensitive.Then wipe off the dead cells with dampened cloth/cotton.
step 3 : Then take your favourite moisturizing nude lipstick and apply it onto your lips.Remember the lipstick needs to be creamy and should not be matte or drying on your lips
step 4 : Finally take a gloss of your choice and apply it onto your lips. Remember the gloss must be thick and should give a plumping effect to your lips.

So this is it.You can even get perfect lips this winter in less than 5 minutes by just following this method.
You can flaunt your perfect lips by just  following this method before going out for college/office/any get-together /party/occassion or even date  ;)

I hope you all liked this post.
Do share your views about it and let me know if you follow any other technique :)

with love,
Bidisha !


  1. Same pinch gal ... I use d same technique

  2. was a very useful tip reg removal of dead skin cells from the lips...following u

  3. Hey girl, nice post, yups this technique really works, TC

  4. same pinch Bidisha :) works very nice na :)

  5. Of all the lip balms Vaseline is the best <3