Tuesday, November 8, 2011

REVIEW: Lakme enrich satins shade #134

Hello everyone
Today i am going to talk about my all time favourite lakme enrich satin lipstick in shade #134 !!!!
This shade was introduced in Lakme's FANTASY COLLECTION range
Here's the link where you can check out various shades belonging to this range >>


But for now i am going to talk about shade #134
The good thing about this shade is that it will suit any complexion
Its neither too dull nor too bright shade.
It is a pink shade having a brownish & slightly maroonish undertone (hard to explain unless you try it out)
You can pair it up with any sort of eye makeup.
The quantity of the lipstick is 4.4ml.
The color has micro shimmers in it if you observe well
So here are some pictures of it >>>

 on my lips>>>
(with flash)

(without flash under white light)

And now, let me share some pros and cons of it >>>>>

1. Lakme lipsticks are easily available in India
2. The texture and formulation is very creamy.
3. Decently priced at Rs.225
4. This particular shade brightens up the face . Some how it makes me look fairer xD
5. Shelf life ~ 36 months, which is good enough !
6. Even after eating or drinking the hint of the color still remain on the lips.
1. The ingredient list is not given anywhere :(

My Overall Rating--- 4.5 out of 5

  That's it. I really can't complain anything more than this, when it comes to this lipstick because i love it .And i will continue buying it , forever and ever !!!! lol, i'm so obssessed with it .
Anyways, thats it for today ...
I will be back very soon..

buh byeeee...

with love,


  1. Won't show up on my lips :(

  2. I have this one :) :) I like the shade-but I am not happy with the pigmentation -Lakme lipstick qualities have nose-dived :(

  3. yes i agree with u anuradha...any suggestion for an alternative?

  4. hey bidisha...thr is an award dor u ....chk out my blog. :)

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