Wednesday, October 5, 2011


hello lovelies...
i hope you all must be enjoying yourselves in this festive season
and yes..please forgive me for not posting much these days..
i'm even not making much videos in youtube these days due to exams and also durga puja ; yes being a bong(bengali) how can i stop celebrating durga puja..huh? hehe
anyways without blabbering much today i'm gonna show you all one of my favourite lipstick which i applied few days back...
it's my inglot lipstick in shade 150

it's such a lovely wearable lilac color.
you can wear it during daytime and also during evening time.
you can mix it with darker shades or can also apply clear gloss on top of it
it goes perfect with dark smokey eye makeups
i tried it too but kept my makeup minimal:
---here in the picture given below i applied my LAKME fruit moisturiser in peach & plum, maybelline white uv stay compact in nude, avon glimmersticks kohl and the inglot lipcolor~~

1. the color itself is so adorable
2. it has a mild fruity smell which i love like anything
3. contains beeswax, hence, it keeps the lips moisturized for a longer time
4. it glides on smoothly
5. packaging is just "wooow"..I was just speechless when i saw its metallic package/cover.
6. shelf life : 3years which is quite good enough.

1. it is not easily available; there's only one INGLOT store in my city
2. it is a bit pricey (rs550 INR)
3. contains TITANIUM DIOXIDE; i am somehow scared of this ingredient though many makeup products of various other brands contain it too.

overall verdict : i will rate it 4 out of 5 ! I personally like this lipstick and soon will buy more :)

thats it from my side.
i hope you all liked reading my post.
and yes from now on i will try to post more frequently.!

take care

with love,
bidisha <3


  1. Love the shade!!! Great review :)

  2. looks fab on u !! And u paired it with a black it looks much more vibrant and nice :)

  3. thank you ladies...this will suit any girl..
    @bhumika-u must give it a try dear ...

  4. looks grt Bidisha. :)
    btw- do enter my giveaway :)

  5. sure beena..i will..thanks for letting me know !:)

  6. nice shade and it looks lovely on you, perfect make up!

  7. The lilac shade is totally wearable Bidisha :) Luks Perfect on u...U luk pretty yar :D Bengalis have beautiful eyes na..I adore them :D

  8. awww shweta...thankyou darling...mwuaahh :-*